Message From Mike

Before I joined EcoArk, my career journey led me to a sustainability project within Walmart, but not with semi trailers. My team and I focused on saving food, plastic, auto parts, and even icing buckets in the bakery from the landfills. Our efforts resulted in over 80% of the selected materials diverting from the trash heaps to recycling centers.

With that successful venture under my belt, I was ready to tackle more projects related to reclamation and sustainability. When EcoVet entered the picture, I knew there was a way to build a business around recycling these decommissioned semi trailers, while employing veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Making EcoVet a successful, profitable, and most importantly a business that caters to American Veterans is my mission. This organization is more than a furniture or metal shop, it’s a family and network of people who come together to share their lives and create wonderful pieces at the same time.

I’ve been a part of EcoVet since 2013, and it never ceases to amaze me how we continue to evolve our products along with our skills and personal development. You’ll understand this concept more when you get to know all of our EcoVet people. We see how lives are changed here, and we encourage you to be a part of this blessing by working with us.